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How to find all git tags and date-time

October 05, 2021

How to find all git tags and date-time:

I use git tagging to mark a release. It has many advantages like we can move to the codebase for a specific release. We can compare two releases etc.

Find out all tags:

The following command lists all tags for a git repository:

git tag

It will list down all tags for that repository like:


Search for tags matching a pattern:

We can also search for all git tags that matches a specific pattern. For example,

git tag -l "v1.0.*"

It will list down all tags starts with v1.0. like:


List down tags with dates:

You can use the below command to list down all tags with date-time:

git tag -l --format='%(refname)   %(creatordate)'

It will print something like below:

refs/tags/v1.0.0   Tue Aug 10 12:39:42 2021 +0530
refs/tags/v1.0   Tue Aug 10 11:26:18 2021 +0530
refs/tags/v1   Tue Aug 10 10:11:11 2021 +0530

Or, you can print in a different format using :short:

git tag -l --format='%(refname:short)   %(creatordate:short)'

It will print:

v1.0.0   2021-08-10
v1.0   2021-08-10
v1   2021-08-10

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