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How to enable hot reloading in an Android Emulator for react-native

February 08, 2021

Enable hot reloading in Android Emulator for a react native project:

To enable hot reloading in a real Android device in React native, we need to shake the device. On shaking the device, it will show an option to enable hot reload and clicking on it will enable hot reloading for the device.

But for a emulator, we need to simulate the shaking to show that menu. The easiest way is to use adb.

Use the below command to check for the connected emulator:

adb devices

It will show you the list of devices and emulators connected to your system. Now, if it is showing the connected emulator, use the below command to simulate a shaking event:

adb shell input keyevent 82

Now, it will show the menu. Click on Enable Hot Reloading to activate hot reloading.

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