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Sublime text package to read word counts in markdown files

March 29, 2021

Sublime text package to read word counts in markdown files:

I write all my notes and other blog posts in markdown. Even, this blog runs on gatsby. It reads all posts from markdown .md file and convert all to blog pages.

I used wordpress before, but writing posts in markdown and creating the blog from markdown files gave me other advantages. For example, if I have to move to a different platform in the future, I don’t have to worry about that. I can simply copy the markdown files folder and pick all posts from it. Another thing is that I don’t have to pay a hosting fee for static websites. I can just write, push the code to Github and it will be published automatically.nt

Now, let’s move back to the topic. You can use any text editor to write in markdown, but I prefer to use sublime text as I like to use a separate editor for coding and for writing blog posts/taking notes.

Extensions for word count:

You can start writing on .md file once you complete the installation. But, you can also install the word count extension to get the live word count of your file.

sublime text word count

To install this extension, you can use ctrl + shift + p or Cmd + shift + p and search for install package.

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