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How to do code syntax highlight in a gatsby site

November 08, 2020

This site is built using gatsby. I prefer markdown to write blogs and also to save notes. For this blog, I am writing all posts in markdown and gatsby converts them to static web pages.

Before writing this post, I didn’t have anything to highlight code snippets. It looked as like below :

gatsby syntax highlight

One more reason, I love gatsby because of its high range of plugins. Plugins are available for almost anything that you want. Previously I used wordpress but now I migrated all of them to gatsby.

Syntax highlight in gatsby websites:

I am using deckgo/gatsby-remark-highlight-code for syntax highlighting on this website. This is the github page for this plugin.

Installation requires only one npm command:

npm install --save gatsby-transformer-remark gatsby-remark-highlight-code @deckdeckgo/highlight-code

I am using gatsby-transformer-remark for parsing the markdown files. For adding styles to this plugin, you need to update your gatsby-config.js as below:

plugins: [ { resolve: `gatsby-transformer-remark`, options: { plugins: [ { resolve: `gatsby-remark-highlight-code` }, ], }, }, ]

For gatsby-plugin-mdx, use this :

plugins: [ { resolve: `gatsby-plugin-mdx`, options: { extensions: [".mdx", ".md"], gatsbyRemarkPlugins: [ { resolve: `gatsby-remark-highlight-code`, }, ], }, }, ]

You can also give one terminal and theme option as below:

{ resolve: `gatsby-remark-highlight-code`, options: { terminal: 'ubuntu', theme: 'blackboard' } },

You can use carbon, ubuntu or none as terminal. There is a wide range of themes available. You can see and test them here.

Finally, import it in your index.js or any other page:

import { defineCustomElements as deckDeckGoHighlightElement } from '@deckdeckgo/highlight-code/dist/loader'; deckDeckGoHighlightElement();

That’s it. The above code now looks like :

gatsby code highlight

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