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How to list all packages installed via homebrew in Mac

January 29, 2021

List all packages installed via homebrew in Mac:

Homebrew provides a couple of different commands to listdown packages installed in your Mac. In this post, I will show you how to use these commands with their outputs.

brew list:

This is the basic command to list all installed packages by homebrew. It lists down all packages like below:

brew list

brew list

brew list —cask:

brew list —cask will list down all the items installed by using homebrew cask:

brew list --cask

brew outdated:

brew outdated is used to list down all outdated packages. For example:

brew outdated

We can also use brew outdated —cask to use the same command with homebrew cask.

brew deps —tree —installed:

This command shows all the packages and the dependency packages installed.

brew deps --tree --installed

brew deps tree

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