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How to restore your lost iCloud folder on Mac

February 15, 2020

Lost my iCloud folder :

I was thinking about writing on this topic for a long time. I do it more than 24 times in a year. Open your finder window, click and drag your iCloud folder and it is gone. First time it took me a while to search for the solution. Normally, to add a folder on the left side menu of finder, I use spotlight search to find it and drag-drop it on the sidebar. But for iCloud drive, it is bit different.

How to get back your lost iCloud Drive :

Drag drop doesn’t work here. But Apple provides an easier method to enable/disable iCloud drive. Here are the steps :

  1. Open one finder window or any folder.
  2. Go to Finder -> Preferences or use the short code : Cmd + ,

lost icloud on mac

  1. Check the iCloud Drive. That’s it.

lost icloud on mac

It will start showing the iCloud Drive on the left side of the finder window.

lost icloud on mac

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