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Apple released Swift Playground for Mac

February 16, 2020

Swift playground for mac :

Apple released swift playground for MacOS Catalina. It is available for both iPad and MacOS and an easy to use interactive app for swift beginners.

Swift playground

I have just downloaded the app. Tried it only for an hour and it is … in one word.. awesome.

What it does ?

It is an application that teach you how to code (swift). It provides different lessons to boost your knowledge on swift.

Swift playground example

Each program is like a game, you will write code to play the game :

Swift playground game

Main features :

  1. It shows the code line as it runs. Makes it easier for beginners to learn.
  2. You can use your own photos and images in the program.
  3. You can create your own unique playground.
  4. You can try different ideas by duplicating playgrounds.
  5. Code suggestion and help guide.
  6. Drag drop code snippets.
  7. Latest swift code tutorials.
  8. Bluetooth APIs to control any external devices like robots.
  9. SpiritKit and SwiftUI.
  10. Share your projects.
  11. Sync playground projects on Mac and iPad.

Verdict :

Overall, I love this app. Apple is really doing something to teach people how to code swift. The only thing that I am disappointed that it is available only for Apple devices and only for MacOS Catalina. I haven’t tried it on iPad (My iPad is on iOS 9 :( ) but still it is a new way to attract people to learn how to code.

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